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✯07. 08. 2018 ::: Mother Road 2 album teaser :::

Enjoy a short teaser from the upcoming yet untitled second MOTHER ROAD album!

✯18. 01. 2018 ::: Mother Road new album  :::

Currently Chris and Keith Slack working in the studio on the second yet untitled Mother Road album. 

✯06. 09. 2017 :::

Chris will be playing some Acoustic tunes with RAINBOW and DEEP PURPLE 
vocalist Joe Lynn Turner @ The Escape Festival in the Beatclub in Dessau.

✯ 22. 05. 2016 ::: Platinium World Award for the movie “STEAM CITY”  :::

The movie STEAM CITY, which is entirely made out of photographs and I wrote songs, playing guitar and work on the music, is one of this years world film awards winners in Jakarta / Java.

- PLATINUM WORLD AWARD in categories: Newcomer, Sound, Special Effect
- GOLDEN WORLD AWARD in categories: Cinematographer, Animation
- World AWARDS OF MERIT in categories: Ensemble of Cast

✯ 16. 07. 2015 ::: Mother Road “DRIVE” Goes Vinyl  :::

on vinyl on
Metalapolis Records!
“DRIVE” will hit the stores on
August 21st. 2015

✯ 13. 06. 2015 ::: Artist Spotlight And Interview METALSHOCK Finland  :::


✯ 15. 02. 2015 ::: “DRIVE” Vinyl  :::

MOTHER ROAD’s “Drive”  hit the charts in different countries 
and sales outlets all over the world. 
“ Drive” will be now also available on vinyl. The release will be 
in the spring of 2015 !! 

✯ 01. 07. 2014 ::: “DRIVE” Worldwide press feedback summary!  :::

press feedback summary
MR-Press feedback summary.pdf

✯ 24. 05. 2014 ::: Mother Road ”DRIVE” chart’s worldwide  ::: / USA / Blues and Rock Best Sellers - #6 / USA / Rock Best Sellers - #23 / USA / Classic Rock Best Sellers - #35
- / UK / Hard Rock & Metal Best Sellers #24
- / Ger / Hard Rock & Metal Best Sellers - #50 USA / physical CD  top seller's May 2014 - #7

✯ 12. 05. 2014 ::: Mother Road ”DRIVE” hit the chart’s in the USA :::

Mother Road “DRIVE” hit the chart’s in the USA! Currently is at 
#6 at's Rock & Blues chart’s, and ’35 in the Classic Rock chart’s. 

✯ 03. 12. 2013 ::: EZ Livin  :::

Chris has played some guitar tracks for the German-American Hard Rock group EZ LIVIN‘ The new album, Firestorm, which will be released on February 28th via Sony music.

✯ 31. 05. 2013 ::: T-Rex  :::

Now I am proud to be a part of the T-Rex effects artist family!

✯ 08. 03. 2013 ::: Workshop :::

First workshops for 2013, introduce the new Randall amps on the 
Frankfurt music fair 2013.
Hope to see you all on the Randall Sound Service booth from 10.-13 April 2013

✯ 28. 02. 2013 ::: Mother Road  :::

Hello friends! Thought I should give a Mother Road update
The recording/writing process has been nothing short of incredible! Very happy with all of the songs. I am a lucky guy to work with so many talented musicians together on the record. Keith Slack is my songwriting partner and singer. Alessandro Del Vecchio is a hell of Hammond player with all the vibes of the 70´s Blues Rock. And my longtime friend´s Athanasios Zacky Tsoukas and Frank Binke are the hottest kick ass groovy rhythm sections.

✯ 21. 02. 2012 ::: Movie “Story Of A Dead Man” :::

The extremely wonderful, grotesque and even though beautiful multi media
spectacle "Story of a Dead Man" will experience it's world premiere at a
picture theatre on March 25th, 2012 at 16.00 hrs at the "Arsenal" theatre at
the Potsdamer Platz  in Berlin. Chris has taken take part in this film as
musician and contributed some guitar work to the  soundtrack. 

✯ 17. 04. 2011 ::: ROCK FOR JAPAN CD release date 29.04.2011

AOR Heaven has compiled a charity 2-CD sampler entitled “Rock For Japan” which will be released on 29.04.2011. All profit generated from this release will be donated to the German Red Cross to help the people of Japan.
On March 11, 2011 one of the biggest natural disasters hit the country of our close friends in Japan. The earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear devastation and the resulting inapprehensible pictures on TV left us in sadness and depression and caused a feeling that something needed to be done to help. 

The original idea by the label AOR Heaven simply was to release a Melodic Rock/ Hard Rock charity album for Japan and to donate all profit of the sales income of this CD, which you are holding in your hand right now, to the Red Cross in Japan. An e-mail was sent to some bands in order to find out if any of them would be interested in participating in this project. From this point on, the idea started to move and caused massive feedback. Within the first 24 hours after this message had been sent, more than 20 highly profiled bands and artists from all over the world already had offered to take part by contributing previously unreleased material each. 

Since many of these bands have got a long history which is heavily connected to the Japanese country and it’s loyal friends for these special kinds of musical styles, this participation means a lot for them. The songs you can hear on this record come deeply from their hearts and even though this seems to be just a small thing that can be done, all these little pieces – and this also includes the income of this project and the donations as a result of it – will be one part of an over-all big puzzle that may help in the end.
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